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At Discount Paving LLC, I make sure that the gravel driveway I install lasts for years to come without any causes for concern and with longevity in mind. My training allows me to make sure that I always exceed expectations while being very transparent with my clients and giving them all the insights they need to make informed choices about if I make the right. That is the objective of this page! However, if you have more questions after you go through the ones listed below, simply reach out to me, and I will be happy to help. I have unique offers across Stroudsburg, PA.

What is the right approach for paving?

When it comes to paving repair or new installations, working very systematically and having a design at hand is the most important aspect. Once you have the design and materials, the rest of the process is all about accurately following the paving process. It requires careful expertise and the right experience for the job.

What are the perks of concrete curbs?

Concrete curbs are more resistant to weathering and are proven to last longer while also being easier to fix. They can take a beating and not develop structural flaws that can compromise the entire layout. Concrete keeps curing over time and only gets stronger as long as it is exposed to moisture. This makes it the ideal choice for curbs as they are prone to getting splashed by automobiles all the time.

How to make sure sidewalks last longer?

To make any sidewalk last longer, the layout and the installation process have to be flawless. Ensuring that you are aware of the right approaches that need to be adopted, however, is a close second. Another factor would be having access to the right techniques and tools. Sidewalks are not an easy undertaking and it is always advisable to hire professionals for the job.

How to tackle snow removal with efficiency?

Snow can be a menace and have your entire driveways, as well as access roads, completely blocked. To deal with them is to undertake a hazardous task that can result in a threat of injury. The trick is to take things slowly and make sure that you are using the right tools for the removal process. If the snow is thicker than you imagined, simply hire professionals to get it done quickly.

How experienced are you?

I have more than 60 years of experience when it comes to asphalt path repair offers, and my decades of experience have ensured that I can deal with even the most challenging situations with ease.

What are the benefits of gravel driveways?

The perks of gravel driveways are the fact that they are better at handling rogue weather conditions and provide superior traction throughout the year. The surface of gravel driveways is not smooth and hence does not get slick or allow for a layer of frost or ice to get formed. This makes them a lot more reliable in places that receive extreme weather conditions. Another factor would be that they are a lot easier to fix than traditional asphalt driveway patching.

How to get longer-lasting paving repairs?

To maximize your driveway patch repair, start off by deciding on the most suitable base material and any additions that you would like to add before going ahead with the patching. Once you have figured out the base material, proceed towards using the high-quality patching material that you sourced, depending on what material your driveway is made of, and carefully proceed towards filling in the patches. The final part would entail the fixing process wherein you level the new patch with the rest of the driveway and make sure that it is evenly leveled. I can simplify this entire process for you with my affordable offers.

I hope that you are pleased with the insights you got on this page and are now confident about hiring me. If you need more details, simply reach out to Discount Paving LLC at (570) 223-3733, and I will be more than happy to help you understand things better. I am reliable as an asphalt patch repair professional in Stroudsburg, PA.

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